We offer a wide range of services perfected over years


We have been providing these services for almost 20 years and strive to provide you with a more than satisfactory outcome.

Field Trials

Innovative Products & Techniques

Field Trials are undertaken on new forumlations, innovative products and techniques.

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Warehouses, Mills Farms & More...

Audits have been regularly undertaken in food processors, warehouses, feed mills, farms and the like, and reports prepared on pest infestations in shopping centres and housing estates.

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Contaminations, Court Cases & Lab Work...

Food contamination incidents have been investigated for J Sainsbury PLC, Dairy Crest, Walkers Snack Foods Ltd, and other potential Court cases often require supportive laboratory work prior to the submission of a report.

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Identification of Species & Origin

Insect identification and short investigations, such as considering the origin of this midge between the outer film and metal foil of some pharmaceutical packaging, are also undertaken.

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Specialised Training Facilities

Pest Management Consultants have their own specialised training facilities which, between 1998 - 2010, were used almost exclusively by Rentokil Initial UK Ltd.

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BBC, National Geographic and CH4

The facilities at Church Farm have been used in documentaries made by the BBC, National Geographic and Channel 4, as well as smaller production companies.

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