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Providing professional service to the pest industry for nearly 20 years


About Pest Management Consultants

Based in the heart of Hampshire, Pest Management Consultants have been providing a professional service to the pest control industry for nearly twenty years. 

We support industry and individuals alike with third-part audits, investigations of pest problems, and assessments of innovative products and techniques.  Training is undertaken in our own, unique, specialist facility dedicated to various aspects of pest control.

We are focused on high quality work at a competitive price, and provided at a personal level.

Dr Steve Havers BA PhD CBiol MIBiol FRES
After some years employed as an entomologist for the Agricultural Research Council, Steve accepted the invitation of his in-laws to join them as a partner in their pig and poultry breeding enterprise.  While he found working with livestock enjoyable, the occupation did not provide him with the type of challenges he required, so he persuaded Southampton University that they should allow him to undertake a study on the ecology of mice in arable habitats as a part-time, post-graduate student!

Shortly after completing the study, Steve was offered the post as rodent biologist at Rentokil’s Felcourt laboratory.  Unfortunately it became difficult to combine full-time employment with Rentokil as well as managing a livestock farm, so reluctantly had to resign; his enthusiasm for rodent research, however, was fully-satisfied by Rentokil then requesting that he considered the phenomenon of Behavioural Resistance in mouse populations in inner city areas, working part-time.  

 Being fascinated by the biology and behaviour of pest species, Steve encompassed the challenges provided by pest control, and being mindful of the importance of practical experience developed a small, but successful, servicing company while continuing to undertake investigations and other commissions.    

The farm, by now no longer viable as a livestock unit, was refurbished and has become recognised as an important training facility dedicated to pest management.  

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